Your guidance – A Computer Game That Looks Very Serious!

A few days ago I found myself having to search for « YourGuiltyPassion ». It’s an iPhone and iPod game that allows me to interact with my wife while playing a variety of challenges and activities. If you’ve played the iPhone game called Applesauce, you’ll know what the general concept is – a game is designed around an iPhone (or iPad), so your activity in the game can be as much or as little interaction as you wish. In this case, the game is played on the mobile phone interface – but the result is very much the same.

You start by selecting « MyGuidance » from the options of the mobile game screen. Here you choose which character you’d like to control (I’m playing a convict here). Once this is selected, your Guided Scorecard will then appear on your mobile display. Your goal is to create the highest score possible within the shortest time period (usually one to two hours). You can also challenge your friends or family to a head-to-head competition to increase your personal record!

Once you’ve established a username and created a game screen, you can begin playing. A message will then prompt you to « play on? ». That’s all there is to it! You can easily proceed through the various stages while enjoying the sound effects and the graphics provided by the game. The controls are simple – touch the screen to fire your gun, use the arrow keys to move the barrels of ammunition or use the R Analog button to throw a barrel. When an enemy is hit, a small pop-up box displaying an icon of a red square appears on your screen to alert you that a character has been hit!

It takes a bit of getting used to, but really all you have to do is tap an icon to reload your gun or to fire it. The game provides help if you need it, and there are some forums on the internet to help users get acquainted with the basics. It’s free to play, and the graphics are fairly decent, though they aren’t as detailed as they could be. As with any game, there should be more to It.

There are many more games on the market today to enjoy. Guido has quite a few interesting choices, as well. There is even a game based on the popular TV show, The Muscle Merchant. The show itself is enjoyable and amusing, though it does take some license when it comes to using real food in its programming. If you don’t like watching the television program, you might find this game interesting and quite entertaining. It might even inspire you to try out the show yourself!

If you like playing free online games, why not try YourGuidance? It’s fun, easy to learn, and it’s free! You’ll love playing it! And if you’ve ever watched a martial arts video, YouGrimGrimoire probably looks interesting to you. You won’t be disappointed.