A Book Review of Willokhlass by Michael D. Connelly

« The Last Kingdom » by Peter Furth is the nineteenth of the twenty-six Willokhlass novels. The title brings to mind a world where magic and dragons still co-exists. Readers who might have enjoyed the original release, « Nemesis » with Linda Ellis, will probably like « The Last Kingdom ». I can’t wait until the movie version comes out.

The main story line involves three kingdoms, each ruled by a formidable figure. We follow the lives of our main characters as they try to keep their iron hands intact. I enjoyed Furth’s take on the whole scenario. It is not completely unbelievable, but the overall premise does make you think. And if you don’t want to think about any fantasy settings, this one works quite well as a modern day set up.

Our main characters are Lord Farquaad, the only rightful king; Lady Salvia, his queen; and Captain Renault, a knight in the service of King Farquaad. They’re on a quest to find the resting place of their father, who was killed during an attack by the Darkslayer, a tribe of cruel creatures with magical powers. The entire kingdom is under threat of attack from the Darkslayer and only Lord Farquaad and his faithful knights can put a stop to it. At the beginning, most of the action is centered around the quest for the resting place of the father. The characters learn enough about the situation at the start to allow them to make sensible decisions about what to do.

One thing that stands out in the book is the amount of magic that is used. People are surprised by spells and powers that are used throughout the narrative. It is easy to tell that there was a lot of thought and care put into the creation of the characters and the descriptions of the spells.

Willokhlass is not the best book in the world, but it definitely is one of the best fantasy books out there. It’s story is engaging, the characters are interesting, and the overall message is important. If you enjoy fantasy, this is a book that you should look into. It doesn’t have the depth and intricacy of other works, but it makes up for that with its style and structure. The main characters’ voices are distinctive and Willokhlass has a way of making you care about them and want to see what happens to them.

This book review will focus on the positive aspects of the book and will also mention where people can buy the book and some potential plot developments. The writing style of the author, Michael D. Connelly, is clear without being redundant. The illustrations add to the character descriptions, while also providing some excellent visual imagery that really draws the reader in. The world building is complete and the world building is comprehensive. The main characters are very well done and it is safe to say that anyone will be able to relate to some degree with the book.