Why Is Laura Fenamore So Attractive To Big Name Men?

The viciousqueen is currently one of the most popular performers in the adult sex video industry when she takes a hold of her many sex toys. For those of you who have seen her at one of her live performances you know just how well she can enchant a man with just her mouth. When she’s lying there just pouting with a look of pure unadulterated sex appeal the men are left breathless and in complete and utter awe. Show Name: ViciousQueen

Laura in particular has such a sexy curvy body that has made men faint when they see it. Her skin is perfectly toned and beautiful and even though she has over twenty thousand videos on her website alone it still astounds people how well she maintains her body. She isn’t the type of woman to be always dripping wet while she’s performing. Instead she’s quite reserved with the way she poses for the camera and even when she is fully aroused it looks like she isn’t getting more excited than she should be.

Laura has also worked with some of the biggest name in adult entertainment as well as some of the biggest names in the independent world of porn. So even though we never really see them together it is safe to say that she has a good connection with them. One of her past clients was Christian Grey and he has a lot of positive things to say about her in his recent interview. He even went as far as calling her an example of what he stands for in his life and how he uses the sexual side of it to keep his wife happy.

He went on to say how she is a true example of how to be a good lover as well as a great mother and all while leaving him satisfied and filled with desire for more. Now that’s a pretty high praise coming from someone that is only half his size. The thing though is that he is completely right. Laura Fenamore definitely knows how to turn herself on and she gets wild while she is doing it. Her seduction skills are top notch and those of other big name women in the industry.

The question at hand is, why does Laura attract so many men? It has to do a lot with her ability to turn herself on and how well she knows how to use that skill. She has been in the business for over a decade now and has built a lot of relationships. A lot of men want to do the same thing as she does and when you really stop and think about it there is a very good chance that you know a few men that would love to have Laura Fenamore as their significant other.

What makes her so enticing to men is her confidence. You can tell that she isn’t really confident in her body until you get too close to her. Once you do, you can really see that she isn’t just the size of some model. She is real and she has a personality that comes out of left field. This makes her guy likeability factor extremely high.