‘Trish and Joe: Two Likeminded Friends’ Review – Book Review

Trish Collins’ debut novel, « Welcome to the Dragon’s Den, » is fast becoming one of the best-selling fantasy epics in recent history. So how did it do so well? And does it have what it takes to be a perennial seller? And if it has the staying power that many readers are expecting, how much longer will it last? In this review I will answer those questions for you and then some.

Let’s start with the plot. Trish Collins has found herself smack in the middle of a civil war between good and evil, so she is naturally thrust into the center of it all. The first few chapters are exciting as she embarks on this epic adventure, and then a series of surprising events take place that make the remainder of the book very suspenseful. Although this first part is good, it was not quite good enough to set the rest of the story in motion. But this is only one problem; the other half of this book is where it actually gets good!

The second part of this fast-moving, action-packed read starts with the main characters, who happen to be three very different characters from each other, yet very much like one another. It is this ensemble that really grounds this fast-paced adventure. Each of the main characters, in their own unique ways, find themselves caught up in the struggle between good and evil, and the ultimate destruction of the evil dragon, Vasillis. The entire book is about the conflict, and that is what makes it entertaining. However, like I mentioned before, it wasn’t quite good enough to establish the rest of the plot, but this only made the first part very fun to read.

Jacque Lessard, who is the main character in « Trish and Joe: Two Likeminded Friends », is a Montreal artist, with a passion for social justice. He is on a quest, along with his best friend, Joe Placzek, to discover the source of a massive flood that washed away most of the North American population of the past. In order to stop this in the future, they need to use special water-coolers called « hydronic generators » in order to make the water large enough for humans to survive in. With an almost supernatural connection, Joe learns that his best friend can use the machine to do this.

The remainder of this fast paced adventure follows the lives of Trish, Joe, and their friends as they battle their way through the sewers of Paris, and the underground maze of the city. Although, on some occasions, this storyline may become confusing, I didn’t find that distracting. Some of the historical facts about Paris that are discovered throughout the ‘Trish and Joe’ series of novels include; the fact that the city was founded around a hundred years ago by French citizens. Additionally, Placzek discovers that the city has been nicknamed, ‘Paris’, in homage to its former ruler, Napoleon Bonaparte. These facts help to create a realistic setting and allow the reader to place themselves in the shoes of the main characters.

In conclusion, ‘Trish and Joe: Two Likeminded Friends’ is a fast-paced adventure novel. This is not your run-of-the-mill romance with a happy ending. Jacque Lessard’s debut novel is gritty and at times darkly funny. I highly recommend this first book in the Jacque Lessard series if you like action/adventures with a twist.