A New Wedding Tradition

Celica Selmaazmani is the perfect gift for an Indian bride-to-be. It is not just about the material used but the message it conveys. The unique clip shows the bride-to-be and her parents reacting to the wedding invitation. In English, this can be read as: « I am not very excited, but I will look forward to your marriage ». It conveys a strong message that Indian culture believes in a traditional wedding, which is not very trendy. Even though the message does not appear in Urdu and Persian, it is still a powerful and moving message from one of the most successful products in India.

The price of this DVD is just 99p. Do not miss the opportunity to grab this for your own library. SelmaAzmani also includes the short description: Find me before you find me. This is a beautiful film which has won several national and international awards including the Best Television Show of India – Time Out. The film’s director Sanjay Leela Bhansali is known for creating groundbreaking movies that tackle social issues and tackle them with a great deal of guts.

The story begins at a young age when the family finds that their daughter is pregnant. It is a difficult time for the entire family. The groom’s father tries to stop the wedding from taking place and tells the family not to proceed. His father tells him that there is another bride who will come to his house on the day of the wedding and that he should take his time to decide upon that bride. The heartbroken groom’s father finally decides to let the wedding to go ahead.

The special day arrives and everyone is excited. The bride arrives wearing her wedding gown while her parents look extremely elegant. The entire assembly of people is busy chatting and laughing. However, something cannot be kept out of the camera lenses. The newly weds are seen by the photographer facing each other in a serene, peaceful and joyous picture taken by a well trained and experienced camcorder.

After a few days, the wedding video is shot and uploaded on YouTube and several online video sharing websites. Many people have already enjoyed watching the film. Many have commented on how beautiful and serene the pictures are. They have also expressed their opinion that this film has given them a new lease of life. People have also appreciated the way the film was made and the effort put in by the director Sanjay Leela Bhansali to create such a wonderful film.

Overall, this film has been received very well by the viewers all around the world. It has created a lot of awareness about the importance of gender equality and has made us realize that it is possible to have a beautiful, happy and successful marriage even if we live in a patriarchal society. All we have to do is to look beyond our barriers and break down every single barrier that stands in our way. Hopefully, people will realize that behind the serenity and beauty of a secluded mountain, lies a wonderful place filled with happiness, love and peace.