Dating Online – How to Avoid the Chicks That Think They Are Hot

Love_Don’t_Be_ Shy is a new member of the adult dating world. He is a very shy guy, but he is fun to be around. He claims to have had some success in the adult world, but I am not certain. I will try and get some feedback from him and see how he fares with women.

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I really like Love_Don’t_Be_ Shy’s profile. He says he is a straight Christian who is into sports and drinking very heavily. Most profiles are filled out quite well, but this one seems like the real deal. He is married and has two young boys. He seems like a fun, outgoing man, but after chatting for quite a while, he was still very distant and shy around women, like most married men.

I imagine he does not really talk to many women because he feels like they are gross and he does not want to get into fights or anything. You know what? It actually turns me off when these married guys act this way. Some people need to learn how to play the game better, otherwise they will never win. You would rather get into a fight than sit around all day chatting to other men.

Some men are great in the bedroom, but many others are average at best. In Love_Don’t_Be_ Shy’s case, he appears to be average at best. The good news is that he does not seem to be a creep or anything, so he does not appear to be hurting women in any way. The bad news is that he does not seem to take the time to pick up anyone.

The point of dating online is to have fun and meet new people. I am sure that he enjoys the chatting and the women messaging with him. It does not seem like he is settling down anytime soon either. The Love_Don’t_Be_ Shy guy is definitely a creep, but there are quite a few creeps out there too. If you do decide to meet with this person, make sure you know what you are getting into beforehand.