Loonascandi Clothing Range – A Review

Here s what most people know about the loonascandi model and why recommend taking her out for a spin. If you wan to have fun and impress your friends you’ll love the little wild ride called Loonascandi. She has got a huge following on Camsoda wit over 16,000+ followers and counting. This is a big surprise to many people as no one thinks that she would get that kind of recognition.

Loona started her modeling career in 2020. She went under the name Siana during her first few months in the business. After a couple of shows in her home country of Norway she decided it was time to move to London and shoot for Loonascandi UK. She has shot for many top brands like Dior, D&G, Prada and Fendi. In the fashion world it is hard to beat someone with such a big fan base.

Loona has two collections for men and one for women. Both are superbly designed and very feminine. The men range includes jeans, jackets, cardigans, scarves, belts and hats. The women’s range has tops, blouses, dresses and blazers. Everything is elegant and feminine.

When I was at a recent exhibition in Barcelona I saw a lot of models that looked like they had been lifted straight from a doll, but Loona has that doll-like quality to her outfits. They are also made of beautiful fabrics. Some are made in China, some in Italy and some in France.

The brand name Loona was inspired by the local sea life in Norway. A local woman saw a big fish sitting on the bank of the river and decided it looked quite alive. So she asked the men to kill it, but unfortunately for her it lived up to its name. Her husband then told the men what they had done and they returned to the river to continue their work. This inspired the name Loona.

Loona also loves the sport so they have created a range of clothes for that. There are specially designed sports wear for cycling, kayaking, rock climbing, mountain biking and sailing. There are two ranges of clothes for men and two for ladies. My favourite items are the ladies polo tops which are quite fashionable and really show off the body. I am not the only person that loves loonascandi clothing, in fact my husband is always asking me where I got my lovely loonascandi tops!