I Finally Put A Band Together

Indica Monroe is an energetic, tattoo-clad, vocal lead singer from the band Weezer. Her stage name, Camsoda Monroe, comes from the original Camsoda Monroe song, and her real name is Patricia Ann Monroe. She has gone on to gain popularity as an action star in films such as Avatar, Kill Bill, and The Matrix.

Camsoda Monroe’s breakout moment came with her performance in the musical, Weezer’s « Take It Easy. » An energetic, sexy ballad, it featured Monroe displaying her trademark energy as she wails on high notes. Her voice calls to mind Janis Joplin, but with a smoother, subtler delivery. 3 weeks later, she released the single » indica, » which included a cover by Weezer’s replacement guitarist, Scott Weiland.

Prior to the single release, she had released a handful of singles.  » indica, » along with the previously released « take it easy » single, was not among them. It’s possible that this single slipped through the cracks because of a mix up with another Weezer track. However, Monroe put out a follow-up single called « I’m In Love, » with the same band and this time around Weezer members Scott Weiland and Spencer Chamberlain. The single featured a guest appearance by Ben Stiller as an individual called Plank Guy.

Despite the fact that « indica » wasn’t a great single, it managed to garner a respectable amount of radio airplay, thanks in large part to the energetic performances by Monroe and her bandmates. The album did not do as well commercially as Weezer’s previous albums, but it still sold well, despite the lack of mainstream exposure. Some of the singles » indica, »  » take it easy, »  » c’mon, » rock & roll » performed much better than singles from the debut. » indica, » in particular, became a favorite. This could be credited to the infectious melody, which became a signature sound for Weezer. Fans of Weezer, however, were not put off by the slower tempo of the album; rather, they were enticed by the bouncy melodies and smooth harmonies that characterized much of Weezer’s music since the ’90s.

Some fans of » indica, » such as myself, attribute their enjoyment of » indica » to the fact that the album featured a number of diverse songs and that the quality of these songs was far better than the sloppy, low-energy output Weezer had done previously. This is absolutely true. However, when you dig deeper, you discover that the music on this album is not really as diverse as some of the music from the early Weezer albums. Some of the songs are simply rehashed versions of songs from the earlier albums (which, to be fair, is not bad). Others are not new songs at all (if they are not old songs from the band’s early years).

One other aspect of this music that some fans seem to like is the original singer, Weezer himself. While he sings on « I’m Aez, » the original version of the track is not even his voice. Instead, it is Mariana Aguilera’s voice that is heard on the album. Although her voice sounds terrible, it fits the material, and the overall tone of the music matches her sound quite well (at least in comparison to the squawking guitar of Weezer). The original singer’s voice can be heard on a few other songs, including one called « Dumbler » (listen to that one if you want to hear your favorite song in an original and unfamiliar voice).