Video Of Elyahsanders On Chaturbate

Stripped to its core, Elyahsanders is a hot new social networking website and online community designed bycomedian, writer and actress Rashida Jones. Since joining the site as a free member back in June, Ms. Jones has gained hundreds of friends from all over the world. The only downside to Stripped to Its Core is that it is not yet available for FREE! As with anything else on the internet, strippers and other adult entertainers are being paid to visit the websites they belong to. But for Stripped to Its Core, Ms. Jones will give an adult entertainer FREE access to her network of thousands of members.

Stripped to its core, Elyahsanders is an online community dedicated to exposing women to the world of striptease and lap dance, as well as the art of private show, exotic dancing and foot worship. Right now, it’s FREE to become a member of this online community. If you love to socialize with others and love showing off your body, then you’ll love this online community. I have been a member of Elyahsanders since early October, and I must say, it’s turned me into a super sexy women looking for men, rather than a shy and self-conscious woman who only dated the men she knew.

My favorite thing about Elyahsanders is that it’s not like any other social networking sites out there. You get to show off your sexy body while entertaining others. Unlike groups such as Onision, Orkut or MySpace, each post can be viewed in its own thumbnail, so you get a preview of your webcam show before others can see it. This means that you can decide whether or not it’s worth spreading the word to your friends about your latest shows.

For instance, one of my favorite videos that Elyahsanders put on her blog was « How To Show Off Your Sexy Body While On Cam ». It’s a very basic video, but it’s full of tips and tricks. Things I wouldn’t normally know by just reading her blog. For example, I learned that with a cam cams, you can change the speed, zoom in and out, pan around, increase or decrease the audio volume, switch to night vision and turn your voice to something that’s more sexy (I’m talking to you Chaturbate here).

This video helped me to learn some « secret techniques » that I use every day when I watch television. For instance, I always turn my TV on while I’m reading. I usually don’t see the faces of the people I’m reading to, so I use this technique to really get into the characters I’m reading about. You can even see how Elyahsanders chaturbate works. All you have to do is go to YouTube and search for « ElyahSanders » or « Elyahsanders ». You will also be able to read her blog as well.

It’s great to see a woman like Elyah actually using a camcorder. It’s so easy to relate to someone because we all dream of having our own camcorders someday. Plus, she’s been through the process before, so she knows what she’s doing. I recommend you watch the « Elyahsanders » video.