Bijouine Music and Animation

Based on the past 30 days, it is fair to say that bijouceline has been online for nearly two weeks. In that time it has become the fastest growing niche website in the world when it comes to live searches. The reason behind this phenomenon is simply due to the fact that bijou is a new artist and the novelty value of it as an artist is high. So what makes bijouceline different to other niches on the internet?

Well, bijouce (pronounced a bee-yoo-men ) is an up and coming French band whose lead singer is twenty four-year-old singer/songwriter Bijou Bayekh. Their originality and uniqueness are what sets them apart from other artists that have released their music online. Bijou Bayekh sings about themes like religion, hope, romance, love, hope and peace. When an artist decides to create an online musical then they normally have to choose between doing an instrumental or vocals.

There are a few other less known artists that are performing online at the moment that also sing about similar topics. But the unique thing about bijouine is that despite the modern instrumentation, the vocals are performed entirely using keyboard synthesised sounds. This is a talent that not all artists are able to master, but a talent which bijouine certainly possess. A talent that they are well known for and have used to get themselves noticed in the online community.

Bijouine’s music video for their song called « Hooked » received over thirty million views in the first day of being live on YouTube. The video is simple but effective and perfectly sets out the band’s style. What’s more impressive is that the band chose not to use a typical pop song to perform on their videos, instead opting for something more original. This shows just how different bijouine can be from other artists.

Bijouine released their first studio album titled Earth Shattering. The album was successful not only because it was a great sales success but also because it was an interesting concept, a concept that many bands tend to shy away from. The band members have all contributed to the making of the music, with the keyboards player playing lead and the lead guitar player providing the rhythm. This has been compared to bands such as Primal Motion and Kaleidoscope but with a bijouine twist. The bijouine label has also been described as following in the footsteps of Sonic Youth but not sounding like them, this has led to comparisons being made between the band and the legendary postpunk band LCD Soundsystem.

Their demo video for the single « Wake Up » from their album Earth Shattering received over seven hundred thousand views in its first week alone. Their live shows have taken places all around the world and have been complimented by Pitchfork and others. A bijouine performance is something unique and unheard of, the combination of live performance and animation creating a never before seen hybrid. Bijouine are guaranteed to impress any fan of animation, music or live performance and could become a popular name in the future. Let’s hope so, I’d love to see them do a UK tour some time in the near future.