Arianna Davidson Music Review – A New Softcore Trend

It was not even two years ago when Arianna Sweden released Livejasmin, an e-book of folk music from Norway. But this small little E-book has had such a huge impact. Back in April 2020 it made its way to the top of the best-sellers list in the UK and the US. And just recently, Livejasmin was named one of the « Publishers Selections » for the August 2020 UK Features section.

I bought Livejasmin the second day it came out. It is so impressive. A high quality software with folk artists from Norway, the United States, and England. It is quite impressive that a small company like Arianna, which does not have a history of selling mainstream products, such as books and games, has made such a positive difference in the global software scene.

The album starts off with « A Rose », a beautiful and moving ballad that takes you into a tranquil realm. Next is « Tenderness », a very emotional version of revenge song. With production that drives the track, Arianna gets her point across with ease. Just like on her other albums, « Arimah » is a wonderful suite of Celtic music that will keep you in stitches.

After the break, « I’m Not Here » picks up where « Tenderness » left off. This is another beautiful ballad about a person who finds themselves lost in a life that they never wanted. The lyrics are inspired by tales of true love that can touch your heart. You may even find yourself singing along to this one!

But don’t think that this is the end of Arianna’s hard core material. She includes one more song on Livejasmin that will surely put a smile on everyone’s face. « I’m Not The Only One » is a wonderfully written song about feeling alone and unwanted. It’s a great song about real emotions that you won’t find on most of Arianna’s previous albums.

If you are looking for a new genre, then look no further than hard core country. Arianna does not only appeal to the mainstream with her music. She also attracts a huge fan base that is centered on those she purports to be a part of. Those who love what she does have a website called « Pray For Me » that allows fans to show their support by buying tickets for her performances. If you love hard core country music, then this is an artist that you may want to check out.