Book Review of Anna Todd’s ‘Anabel Behavior’

The story of Ana Albale is about the struggles of an average girl going against all odds to have her own happy ending. She loves her family, friends, and life in general but is constantly tormented by feelings of insecurity and anxiety. A tragic accident changes her world forever when a man tries to shoot her right in the middle of a restaurant! Ana is rushed to the hospital where doctors are unable to save her. This leads her to believe that perhaps she was not such a good person after all.

We follow Ana as she slowly unravels the mystery behind her tragic accident and comes to realize that it was not meant to be. It is then that she realizes she has fallen head over heels for her friend, Sebastian. But will this relationship end up destroying what she once had? What are the dangers lurking in store for Ana and what can she do to save herself?

I cannot say much for the plot of Ana Albale and Chaturbate apart from it being written in a very engaging way. I found myself engrossed in the story and really getting into the storyline. The main character, Ana, is not the typical damsel in distress you see all too often, nor does she look or act like one. In fact, she comes off as extremely confident and positive, which made me feel even more at ease with the idea that this story was not one intended to be serious.

Another excellent aspect of this novel is how the author handles the various emotions that are presented. For instance, throughout the book there are moments when we are unsure of what to make of Ana or when she seems to be on the verge of giving up. Throughout these times she uses humor to inject some levity to the situation. However, we soon learn that if what she is trying to accomplish is to find love, then she will only succeed in finding false happiness.

The characters in Chaturbate are well-defined and shown to have unique characteristics. They are all compelling and interesting to watch, especially when they are in conflict with one another. One of my favorite scenes depicted a group of teens having a sleepover at Ana’s house. During this entertaining scene, you get to see the children interact and also see them try to out-do each other in a variety of activities.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed reading about Ana Behavior. It is a refreshing take on the dating genre and I look forward to more by Anna Todd. Her unique take on dating has made her an overnight sensation and she is quickly becoming one of Australia’s leading authors. I would definitely recommend giving Ana Behavior a read.