Ancient Egyptian Magicians Use Amyrides To Cure Evil

In the Greek world there was a hero by the name of Amyrides, who was the son of Hippias and Electra. He was a skilled warrior and skilled archer as well. He was also well versed in the use of his mind and magic arts. Many of his techniques in these arts were lost for many centuries, only recently have they resurfaced and Amyrides has become one of the most sought after magicians of all time.

The technique that he practiced was called Phantom Death and it involved casting spells from behind unseen barriers. A number of his techniques were based on older magic methods and also on astrological readings of dead people. The main aim of the magical practices of Amyrides was to try and prolong the inevitable death of the person being killed.

The strongest known of these rituals was when he used the sun to create a barrier to prevent enemies attacking him. This technique involved casting spells of light upon the Sun to extinguish the fire of the enemy. The Sun’s rays were then reflected off from behind and back at the attacker, who in turn had to run away from the predicament. It was believed that if the attacker was hit with an arrow fired by the healer, the person would live because the attack would destroy the skin with which the soul of the attacker was connected.

Another of the many powerful attacks that Amyrides could perform was called Charmada. This was a ritualistic form of suicide that involved hanging by his hair, pouring potions over him or even dipping him in water. The potions included poisons that would end his life immediately. However, he still managed to live long enough to complete his suicide and leave his body as a sacrifice to his gods.

Another magical technique that was used by the magician Amyrides was the Diagna. It involved creating a dark and moist area in which to perform the ritual. Then a stick was thrust into the center of the dark mass. From there, the elements used in the ceremony burned down as they fell through the center of the stick.

Many other ancient civilizations from around the world used similar techniques to rid themselves of evil beings. However, many Egyptian gods were believed to have used amyrides as a way to drive away evil spirits. For this reason, their tombs often contained amyrides as well. Other countries, such as Greece, used amyrides to bring about the process of purifying the soul before initiation into the afterlife. Regardless of what the exact purpose was, the ancient art of amyrides was very important to many cultures throughout history.